BioPact Publication Accepted by C – Journal of Carbon Research

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What is the future of drug delivery? The team at our company has been actively formulating a solution to a complex issue, utilizing our proprietary carbon nanotube-based delivery system, MGMR. We are proud to announce that just yesterday, our dedicated experts – Kevin Castillo, Aaron Tasset, Milos M., and Aaron Foote, Ph.D. – have made [...]

Molecular Rebar® in Oil (MRO) Material Used in Rubber World Magazine Article- January2023

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Molecular Rebar® in Oil (MRO) Material Used in Rubber World Magazine Article- January 2023 Effect of nanotube type and loading level on the abrasion resistance of a model tire tread compound, part 1 by Paul Pavka, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory Synopsis: Akron Rubber Development [...]

MRD Published in Rubber World October Issue 2022

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Molecular Rebar Design featured in Rubber World Magazine October 2022 issue Carbon nanotubes with organosilane functionalization improve abrasion and rolling resistance of silica-silane tire tread compounds by August Krupp and Kurt Swogger Synopsis: Molecular Rebar Design, LLC has successfully developed new rubber composites with [...]

MRO Gen II Improves Wear Resistance in SEV OTR Tread Formulation

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MRO Gen II in a Semi-efficient Vulcanization (SEV) Off-the-road (OTR) Tire Tread Formulation As part of the ongoing product qualification and initial market adoption for MRO Gen II, MRD has embarked on various benchmarking laboratory studies. A common inquiry is the use of MRO Gen II in a SEV cure package [...]