About Us

Molecular Rebar Design, LLC (MRD), based in Austin, Texas, was established to develop and commercialize a breakthrough form of modified carbon nanotubes (CNT’s), called MOLECULAR REBAR®. These are the world’s first CNT’s that are disentangled from the usual clumping and individualized through a patent-protected process which enables significantly enhanced performance for a myriad of high-value materials.

Since 2012, MRD has focused on integrating our breakthrough technology into strategic markets while continuing to innovate and develop new and improved technologies. Whether it is enabling significant strength and longevity in rubber and plastic products, redefining performance limitations in both lead and lithium batteries, or working with global industry leading companies to explore new fields of application, MOLECULAR REBAR® untangles potential and enables performance.

Our Expertise

Our Team

Molecular Rebar Design has built a wealth of intellectual capital built through the robust technical knowledge of its employees. People are MRD’s greatest resource, and with a diversified group of scientists and engineers, the future of nanotechnology is bright.

Meet our Leadership Team

The Molecular Rebar Design team is comprised of some of the chemical industry’s leading and most innovative professionals. It’s a multidisciplinary team of world-class chemists, materials scientists, engineers, and physicists.

Kurt Swogger, PE
Kurt Swogger, PECEO / Co-founder
Clive Bosnyak, PhD
Clive Bosnyak, PhDCTO / Co-founder

Find Us

Our state of the art research lab and manufacturing facility is located in Southwest Austin, TX.

We are located 30 minutes west from both Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and Downtown Austin.

Successful Partnerships

MRD has successfully spun off business units for sales of Moleucular Rebar® (MR) into energy storage, biomedical, and 3D printing.

Commercial Products

MR is actively used in the rubber, epoxy coatings, and conductive ink printing markets for revolutionizing performance gains.

Emerging Developments

MR is being developed for use in EMI shielding applications, epoxy-based composites, and thermally conductive material.

The Future of Nanotechnology

MRD is performing research & development for the use of MR in various future technologies, including ceramics, photovoltaics, and separation membranes.