Molecular Rebar® in Oil (MRO) Material Used in Rubber World Magazine Article- January 2023

Effect of nanotube type and loading level on the abrasion resistance of a model tire tread compound, part 1

by Paul Pavka, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory


Akron Rubber Development Laboratory (ARDL) performed an independent compound study using Molecular Rebar Design’s Molecular Rebar in Oil (MRO) products- Gen I and Gen III- in a common black passenger tire tread compound. Paul Pavka of ARDL demonstrated that the ARDL angle abrader is good at differentiating between subtle compound differences using the alternating 2°/6° slip angle method. He also demonstrated that high aspect ratio fillers (i.e. the Molecular Rebar in Oil product) are good to help prevent damage from the BFGoodrich cut and chip (C&C) test, and may be good for off-the-road tire applications. The MRO Gen III sample improved both C&C mass loss and ARDL alternating 2°/6° slip angle abrasion weight loss by >50%.

The article can be read at this link. A free account may need to be created through Rubber World Magazine to access the material.