Molecular Rebar Design featured in Rubber World Magazine October 2022 issue

Carbon nanotubes with organosilane functionalization improve abrasion and rolling resistance of silica-silane tire tread compounds

by August Krupp and Kurt Swogger


Molecular Rebar Design, LLC has successfully developed new rubber composites with individualized carbon nanotubes called MOLECULAR REBAR® (MR), improving tire tread compound performance for use with electric vehicles (EVs). MRD developed a novel discrete multi-wall carbon nanotube that binds into the rubber compound using functional silane chemical groups. Using this new organosilane-MR in a tire tread compound drastically improves DIN abrasion resistance 25%+ (correlating to improved tire life), reduces tread weight by 6-7%, and reduces rolling resistance 20%+ (correlating to improved energy efficiency), as compared to an in-use, state-of-the-art, silica-silane tread compound.

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