Untangling Potential to Enable Performance.

Until now, carbon nanotubes that have been integrated into materials have been “fuzzy balls” of highly entangled nanotubes that do not disperse uniformly within the material. This clumping and non-uniform distribution significantly reduce their potential and limit not only the ability to integrate into numerous applications but also the level of performance achieved and amount of nanotubes required. Our innovative and patent pending technology, unlocks the potential of carbon nanotubes by creating discrete, functionalized, open ended tubes with optimal aspect ratios, MOLECULAR REBAR®, enabling drastically increased adherence to surfaces, exceptional mechanical strength improvement, and increased electrical conductivity that are easily dispersible into a broad range of materials.nt”]

Discover how Molecular Rebar Design can vastly improve the performance and success of your products.

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Achieving Remarkable Results

Significantly more strength, toughness, and longevity. Significantly enhanced electrical conductivity.

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Working Closely with Industry Leaders

We work closely with industry leaders in specific segments to bring our customers the remarkable new levels of performance enabled by our breakthrough technology.

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Truly Cost-effective and Efficient

Molecular Rebar Design brings this new level of performance to industry in a surprisingly cost-effective and efficient process – to enable the remarkable benefits in a host of applications and uses.

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Redefining Performance Standard

MOLECULAR REBAR® rewrites the performance rules for multiple industries by untangling potential and enabling performance.