Molecular Rebar Design featured in Rubber World Magazine December 2023 issue

Molecular Rebar with Aflas: Improved physical properties for high performance applications

by August Krupp and Shelby Swanson


A new ‘masterbatch’ of Molecular Rebar in AFLAS® FEPM has been developed, and when used in a typical model AFLAS® compound formulation, results in improved tear toughness (25%+) and improved high temperature modulus retention, without adversely affecting compression set or modifying tensile strength or modulus. These improvements in fluoroelastomer compound properties are likely useful for reduced part failure rates during hot de-molding, improved cyclical fatigue and tear resistance for oil & gas packer elements, or improved tear resistance for roller cover compounds.

The article can be read at this link. A free account may need to be created through Rubber World Magazine to access the material.