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MRD published in Rubber World Magazine February 2019 Edition!

Dr. Sateesh Peddini and August Krupp's technical article entitled"Improved OTR Tire Formulations: Correlating Wear, Abrasion/Tear Resistance with Cut and Chip" available here. May require creation of a [free] subscription account to view content.

Molecular Rebar Design Garners Interest at 2018 International Elastomers Conference

Dr. Sateesh Peddini and August Krupp both presented recent works in Off-The-Road tire tread enhancements with Molecular Rebar at the most recent International Elastomer Conference in Louisville, KY. Significant interest in the use of Molecular Rebar to improve this tough & wear resistant application continues to be generated thru the presentation of new findings. Below are the abstracts of each paper, along with a link to purchase the full documents from the American Chemical Society.

2018 International Elastomers Conference, Rubber Division, ACS; to give 2 talks

Dr. Sateesh Peddini and Mr. August Krupp will each present at the 2018 International Elastomers Conference, October 9-11, 2018. Dr. Peddini will present in Technical Session A; ‘Advances in Material and Processes of Car and Truck Tires’ on Wednesday October 10 at 2:30 pm. His presentation is entitled “Enhancements in Off-the-Road (OTR) Tire Formulations with Discrete Surface Functionalized Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes: Wear, Abrasion and Tear Resistance. Mr. Krupp will speak in Technical Session B ‘Nano

Dr. Clive Bosnyak to speak at the SPE Annual Technical Conference, Orlando, FL on May 8, 2018

Dr. Clive Bosnyak will present at the Society of Plastics Engineers Annual Technical Conference (ANTEC), which is taking place at the NPE in Orlando Florida from May 6-12, 2018. He will present on Tuesday May 8, 2018 in Technical Session 4, Engineering Properties and Structure: Polymer Physical Properties I. The talk will be on “Understanding the Deformation Behavior of Nanocomposites with Discrete Carbon Nanotubes. http://www.npe.org/education-highlights

2017 International Elastomers Conference, Rubber Division, ACS; Molecular Rebar Design to present paper

Mr. August Krupp will present a paper at the 2017 International Elastomers Conference, Cleveland, OH, October 10, 2017, Session A, Room 25. His presentation is entitled “Reinforcement of Rubber Compounds Utilizing Functionalized and Discrete Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes”. https://www.rubber.org/Data/Sites/22/https://www.rubber.org/Data/Sites/22/Assets/pdfs/showguide-iec2017.pdfAssets/pdfs/showguide-iec2017.pdf  

Molecular Rebar Design presents at 2017 Western Coatings Societies Symposium

Dr. Andrew Stewart presented at the 2017 Western Coatings Societies Conference, Tuesday October 17, 2017. His talk was titled; ‘Enhanced Coating Performance using Discrete, Functionalized Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes’. The talk was very well attended with many questions that had to be taken outside to keep on time. https://westerncoatings.org/full-schedule/

The University of Texas at Austin, McKetta department of Chemical Engineering – 50 years Symposium & Celebration of Dr. Don Paul. October 12-14, 2017. Molecular Rebar Design invited to speak

Dr. Clive Bosnyak and Mr. Kurt Swogger are invited to the 50 years Symposium and Celebration of Dr. Don Paul, a legend in the field of Polymer Engineering and Science as a result of making some of the key discoveries in several areas of Polymer Science and Technology. He has been cited more than 42,000 times. https://che.utexas.edu/don-paul-50-symposium/dr-donald-r-paul/ Dr. Bosnyak will present a talk on October 12, 2017 titled “Unlocking the Full Potential of Carbon Nanotubes”,

MOLECULAR REBAR DESIGN to participate in the Texas A&M Energy Institute Research Workshop: Materials in Energy – September 20, 2017

Mr. Kurt Swogger presented a talk to the Texas A&M Energy Institute Research Workshop: Materials in Energy, entitled ‘Changing Energy Storage with Individual Carbon Nanotubes called Molecular Rebar®’. After the talks, Mr. Swogger participated in a Panel discussion with 3 other presenters where they discussed ways that Advanced Material Technology can help society obtain sufficient energy to sustain itself without causing irrevocable damage to the environment. http://energy.tamu.edu/events/texas-energy-institute-research-workshop-materials-energy/

Joint Venture, Black Diamond Structures, reveals latest lithium-ion research at The Battery Show

Dr. Clive Bosnyak, Chief Scientific Officer for Black Diamond Structures, presented some exciting new research revealing significant lithium-ion performance enhancements utilizing the company's proprietary nanomaterial technology, MOLECULAR REBAR®.  Bosnyak, who addressed attendees at The Battery Show 2015 in Novi, Michigan, commented that he and his team are advancing the science for nanomaterials, demonstrating improvements in the performance properties of both organic and inorganic binders and active materials, including polymer gel and solid electrolytes. MOLECULAR REBAR® are clean, discrete, open-ended nanotubes which can

C&EN: Molecular Rebar Design Unravels Carbon Nanotubes

Molecular Rebar Design Unravels Carbon Nanotubes Start-up hopes to win business with technique to straighten out and disperse nanotubes Full Article: http://cen.acs.org/articles/93/i9/Molecular-Rebar-Design-Unravels-Carbon.html?h=-1430051376 Chemical & Engineering News Volume 93 Issue 9 | p. 25 Issue Date: March 2, 2015 A decade ago, the sky seemed to be the limit for carbon nanotubes. Prices were dropping, new capacity was coming on-line, and companies were touting the nanomaterials for their thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, and energy storage ability.