High Performance Rubber

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New Rubber Performance for a New Age

In an increasingly mobile age, rubber has become an essential product for the success of various industrial products.  Rubber is a vital component of many aspects of modern life, from transportation, to oil and gas, to conveyor belt technologies.

MOLECULAR REBAR® boosts the inherent strength and durability of SBR, natural, and nitrile rubbers, maximizing the performance for a wide variety of applications.  These include longer lasting and more durable tires, better gasket and bushing strength for industrial machinery, more effective and efficient conveyor belts, and a wide range of benefits within transportation and oil & gas applications.


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  • Seals, gaskets, and other oil and gas applications have better wear and longer durability in harsh oil field environments, which translates into lower maintenance costs, and better protection of the natural environment surrounding the fields.
  • OTR and Specialty tires last longer and are more durable
  • Conveyor belts and track pads for construction vehicles gain stiffness and toughness while maintaining the highest level of cut and tear resistance. MOLECULAR REBAR® will keep machines operating in the field longer with decreased down time for repairs.


These are just a few key applications that will benefit from MOLECULAR REBAR® with regard to rubber formulations.  Talk to your Molecular Rebar Design technical specialist today about how MOLECULAR REBAR® can enhance your application.

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Publications and Research Material

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Nanocomposites from styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) and multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) part 2: Mechanical properties

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