Improving Lives through Medical Applications

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Life-changing Potential

Medical Grade Molecular Rebar (MGMR™) is a novel medical carbon nanotube platform with unique physical and chemical properties that overcome the limitations of traditional carbon nanotubes. MGMR™ represents a breakthrough that has been the quest of governments, academia, and industry since the discovery of carbon nanotubes. While many have accomplished impressive feats with carbon nanotubes in the lab, scalable medical commercialization has been elusive. We have untangled and tamed the carbon nanotube, unleashing its superior transport, targeting, bonding, mechanical and conductive properties for limitless medical applications.

All medical applications and commercialization of MGMR™ at customers and partners around the world is being handled by Bio-Pact Ventures, LLC.


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Key Application Areas

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  • Transdermal drug delivery
  • Selective Cancer Cell Destruction
  • Tumor Targeting
  • Biosensors
  • Engineering Materials for Prosthetics


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For information on partnering with Bio-Pact for Medical Applications, please email or contact our offices at 800-561-7087.