Lithium Ion Battery Applications

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Building a Better Battery

With the success achieved in lead acid batteries, MOLECULAR REBAR® is currently being integrated into multiple Lithium Ion applications significantly improving the efficiency and functionality of batteries by increasing life cycles, decreasing charge times, and keeping operating temperatures down.

MOLECULAR REBAR® fully dispersed in PVDF binder:


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Key Benefits

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  • Reduction of charge times by 60%-80%
  • Improved resistance to over-voltage
  • Stronger resistance to physical and thermal abuse
  • Longer life cycle
  • Elimination of explosion / fire risk
  • Provides broader design flexibility for battery design such as moldable and flexible batteries
  • Potential to utilize ultra high capacity materials
  • Potential to create Solid Polymer Electrolyte batteries with similar performance to traditional Li-Ion batteries significantly reducing the thermal runaway and rapid deconstruction potential

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