Lead Acid Batteries

Enables new levels of performance and lifetime in Lead Acid Batteries.

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MOLECULAR REBAR® enables new levels of performance and extends battery life.  It significantly improves efficiency and functionality by increasing life cycles, decreasing charge times, and keeping operating temperatures down.

The Lead Acid Battery commercialization of MOLECULAR REBAR® at customers and partners around the world is being handled by Black Diamond Structures, LLC. There are currently more than a dozen active collaborations underway in all parts of the world. The team ensures all shipped products meet our stringent QC specifications to create the most value for our customer partners.


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Key Benefits

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  • Dramatically improved Cycle Life of 50%+
  • Improved Charge-Acceptance of 25%+
  • Improved Cold Temperature performance
  • Stronger resistance to physical and thermal abuse
  • Easily incorporated into existing manufacturing processes with NO additional capital costs or modifications to production processes.

Lead Acid Battery

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Publications and Research Material

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For information please email info2@bd-structures.com or contact the Black Diamond Structures offices at 512-792-4635.