Improving Composites for Commercial Applications



Enhanced Applications

Thermoplastic and thermoset composites are used in a wide variety of commercial applications, from aerospace and automotive components to industrial oil and gas applications. All of these applications can benefit from the addition of MOLECULAR REBAR® in terms of toughness, abrasion, and electrical properties.  Through its ability to fully disperse into the host matrices, as well as its ability to penetrate the actual carbon or glass fiber layers, MOLECULAR REBAR® significantly increases both the mechanical as well as the electrical properties of composite matrix materials.


Key benefits

  • Penetration of the carbon fiber mat
  • Easy to pour into molds
  • Stiffness with toughness
  • Significant abrasion resistance
  • Enhanced inter-laminar shear strength
  • Increased fatigue resistance of 700%
  • Increased tensile modulus of 30%
  • Increased stress to break of 22%

Publications and Research Material

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