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MOLECULAR REBAR® enables industrial coatings to perform at new and longer-lasting levels. Durability, toughness, and corrosion resistance are enhanced with MR. These are achieved while maintaining good rheological properties which assist in flow and ease of processing in a wide variety of coatings applications.

The discrete, multi-wall carbon nanotubes that are achieved by the MOLECULAR REBAR® process help to maximize the performance for a wide variety of applications. These include longer lasting and more durable marine coatings, better corrosion resistance in infrastructure, transportation, and oil field applications, and stronger general finish and coil coatings.

Contact the technical specialists at Molecular Rebar Design to discuss your coatings application and how MOLECULAR REBAR® can help you unlock the potential of enhanced performance.

Publications and Research Material

Novel Industrial Coatings Using MOLECULAR REBAR®

Innovative Industrial Coatings Using MOLECULAR REBAR®

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Materials Attributes

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  • Good coat-ability /sprayability
  • No change in Tg
  • Improved Impact Strength and Flexibility
  • Due to functionalization, able to chemically modify MR to tailor chemistry to specific systems
  • Consistent product


Benefits in Industrial Coatings Applications

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  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Adhesion to multiple substrates
  • Corrosion resistance

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